Eclispe: Migrating development environment

I have been using as my development tools in Linux:

  • Emacs

  • Subversion

  • Ant

Using a mix of following languages:

  • PHP


  • Java

So, I don't really have an integrated development environment. I use command line to invoke subversion and ant, and do all my editing using Emacs.
So far it has been ok for me, but it can be quite hard for someone coming from Visual Studio .Net, as some of my co-workers are.
So, I turned into Eclipse. Eclipse is mainly tailored provide an IDE for Java development, but has quite a good plugin framework, and there are some good plugins out there.

Tigris provides a plugin for subversion named subclipse that works quite well.

Also I found a quite nice PHP plugin for Eclipse named phpeclipse.
I am fiddling around with it for a while before imposing it to my fellow co-workers.

Stay tuned for updates.


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